Lesson Learned

This is a repeat post from my previous blog, but it bears repeating my friends.

What life lessons have you learned from the small people in your life? I’d love to hear your stories because they all bear repeating.

I’m fond of saying that I learn something new every day. I usually only say it when something inane happens or something funny that’s more a lesson in what not to do happens. But, the other day I learned something.

Really learned something.

From this person:

my oldest daughter, Emma.

The other day, Emma taught me something that, literally, in my 37 years of life I still have not conquered. In her “paltry” 5 years, she’s not only mastered this — but she’s found the words to describe it.

Here’s the scenario:

We have a responsibility/chore chart for Emma. If she does things like make her bed, gets dressed by herself, shares, doesn’t whine …

(that is a T O U G H one)

… she gets a “token.” At the end of the week, Craig and I decide how much allowance we believe she’s earned through her good behaviour. Some weeks are good, some weeks are bad.

At any rate, it was a Sunday – our reset day, as far as the chore chart is concerned. I am cooking breakfast (yes, a rare occurrence if you know me, but Craig was running a race). So, I ask Emma to clear all the tokens off her chore chart so that we can start anew for the week.

She takes her time. Of course. Every time she removes a token she says, “look mommy, look what I did” or “look mommy, look where I put the token” or “look mommy, pink is next to blue!” It takes approximately 20 seconds for me to get annoyed with her technique. I ask her to speed it along. She continues at her own pace.

Finally, I get so annoyed that I walk over and start ripping the tokens off the chart and placing them at the bottom. I panic about whether the eggs are burning. Meanwhile, I tell her, “see, it doesn’t take long?! Why is it taking you so long to clear this off? It’s not difficult!” I take a deep breath. I look into her face and I say, “Ok, you need to do this now.” Emma looks at me and says, “Ok.”

I’m not going to lie. I was trembling. How could it take so long to move magnets from one freaking side of a board to another?! Was she trying to annoy me? Was she doing this because she knew it was getting to me?! Why? Why? WHY?!!!!!!

I go back to what I’m doing – still fuming – and Emma goes back to what she’s doing. I am frustrated. Beyond belief. Things are not going according to schedule.

And I L I K E A S C H E D U L E!!!

Finally, as I’m putting breakfast on the table, Emma finishes. She points at the chart, “Look mommy! I finished!”

Before I get the opportunity to congratulate her on this amazing feat she then interjects, “See, I finished it. Just like you wanted. And all your rushing, all your hurrying didn’t make one difference. It looks the same.”

And she walks out of the room.


All my rushing.

All my hurrying.



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