I wrote this 6 years ago.  My gawd, how times flies.  But, the thing is … it’s still kinda true.  If you’ve met Rory, you’d understand.  If you haven’t … well … read on.  He is the one beastie in my life that will ALWAYS live in my heart.

Animals can so help us to calm down our inner critics and teach us to live more simply.  Rory’s laying beside me, at the moment, as I type out this intro.  He just loves being close.  He’s taught me so many things in his 7 years that I might consider hiring him as my first employee here at UNdefine Yourself, LLC.   Or, at the very least, I may rent him out to people that need his calming influence in their lives.

Do you have a favorite beastie?   What has your beastie taught you?


This is Rory. He’s my BFF. Yes, I’m a 31-year-old woman, who thinks that her dog is her best friend…forever (or 4-EVA if you’re still stuck in the 80s). If you don’t believe me, ask my friends who will probably groan audibly when they find out what this post is about.

That’s Rory P. Kins to all of you.

In late April or early May 2005, I told my husband I was ready to have kids. We bought Rory about 2 weeks later. Despite the fact that this effectively staved my constant nagging about children, I’m not sure Craig was quite prepared for my obsession with my BFF.

 Last night, he looked at me and said, “Do you know what dogs are? They’re little babies that never grow up.” He was prompted to say this by the sight of Rory sound asleep on my chest, leaning into the crook of my arm. I had him completely cuddled, laying on his back, looking like a furry mutant baby.

But, that’s not the extent of my BFF-ness. I sing songs to Rory. I make them up as I go along, e.g., “Breakfast for Rory dog, Breakfast for Rory.” I also fill Rory’s name into songs I hear on the radio. Take, for example, the U2 classic: “I Still Haven’t Found What Rory’s Looking For.” If I don’t know the lyrics to a song, then the song just becomes repeated instances of “Rory Rory Rory Rory Ror” to the tune.

I rush home from work every day to see Rory. No matter how I’m feeling when I put the key in the lock, when Rory greets me at the door I’m immediately brightened. He doesn’t care if I have a bad hair day, or if I spent two hours on the phone with some jerk who just won’t let an issue drop. All he cares is that I’m home, he gets to go outside, and, well…that I’m home.

It’s that unconditional love that makes Rory my BFF. Yes, he pisses me off sometimes. Like when I came home to find a Sudoku book strewn in 2 million pieces across the house. Or when we figured out that he was chewing the wood molding in the kitchen. But it’s that face…

…that makes me laugh every time.

Not that it makes me love him any less, but I just found out this morning that my BFF is a murderer. We’d always suspected, ever since we caught him with a dead mouse. But this morning, my husband bore witness to Rory’s killer instinct.  Wrapped only in a towel, he (Craig, not Rory) glanced outside to make sure Rory wasn’t getting into anything. He witnessed Rory clip a bird and then pounce on it. It was very dead by the time Craig could get outside. Gross.

I can’t believe my BFF is a murderer. But I’ll stick by him, no matter what. Despite his eclectic taste for raw bird meat, I’ll keep him by my side because:

Oh, I get by with a little help from my Rory.

Mm, I get high with a little help from my Rory.

Mm, gonna try with a little help from my Rory.

(Ok, so the Beatles didn’t know Rory and I don’t get “high” with help from Rory…it’s just a song, ok people? I never said my altered song lyrics made sense.)


5 thoughts on “BFF

  1. Lybertygirl says:

    Jenn, EVERY dog that has been in my life has left their mark on my heart!. There is no better cure for an incredibly stressful day than opening the door to find 6 exicited, furry cardigan faces and wagging tails waiting for me. The unconditional love and acceptance cannot be matched, not even by my husband of 28 years – and I really like him too. Dogs never judge, they just love, even if you yell at them everyday. You should look into getting Rory into therapy dog or a reading dog program! Talk about rewarding!

  2. KJ says:

    My dogs ARE my sanity. I am a late-in-life dog convert, and therefore like many converts I am now a fanatic. 😀 The peace and joy that I get through communion with my dogs is unlike anything I can find anywhere in life. I also sing them songs, hold very serious and very silly conversations with them, get totally distracted from ANYTHING else when they are being cute, and forgive them for their occasional lapses. All 3 of them have many, many nicknames. Mine are slightly too big to hold in the crook of my arm, but I will admit to having my 85-lb boy dog draped across my lap in my armchair while I prop my book on his side to read! So yeah…me too. 🙂

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