When Things Suck …


2013 has begun and it’s hitting me like a ton of bricks.  So, I find myself typing out a random rambling blog post because it’s been so long since I posted and I have so much rolling around in my head that I just HAVE to get it out.

Prepare for a trip down the rabbit hole of my mind dear reader.  It’s not pretty:


Here’s my “list of things that suck ” right now:

1.  I’ve not been exercising.  So, I feel like crap.  And, I’m beating myself up for it mentally.  I should probably be beating myself up for this physically … then at least I’d be getting some exercise.

2.  I’ve not done any significant marketing for my business yet this year.  I feel like I will lose traction for the year if I don’t get my booty moving.

3.  I haven’t written a new blog post in over ONE MONTH!  What’s the point of having a blog if I’m not going to write?!

4.  My daughters have been getting a lot more TV than interaction.

5.  My family has been eating a lot more chicken nuggets and Chey Boyardee ABCs with Meatballs than should be safe for human consumption.

6.  I don’t FEEL like doing anything.  I just want to veg.  I don’t FEEL like accomplishing right now.

7.  My dog is sick.  VERY sick … sick enough to have undergone surgery yesterday.  This has not helped improve my mood.  If you don’t get it, then stop now and read this blog post so you know how I feel about my dog.  Then maybe you’ll get it.

To add insult to injury, everywhere I turn, I see positivity.   People resolving to do {enter goal here}.   Coaches aiming to help people be better at resolving.  Posts on how to resolve your unfulfilled resolutions from 2012 so you can be resolute in your resolutions for 2013.

And to add debilitating illness to the insults and injury:  I’m a life coach dammit.  I’m supposed to have my shit together.

The funniest thing about that is that life coaches are really no different from other people.  Shit comes up for us.  We can’t fix every problem that comes our way.  And we certainly can’t foretell what hell the future has in store for us … or for you.

“Well then,” you might be thinking.  “What good are you?”

And this, dear reader, is a good question.  But, it’s one that I’ll answer even while wallowing in my sweat pants and even through the fog of my own dissatisfaction.  And the answer is (drumroll please):

I know what to do when things suck.  And I’m doing it right now … right here in front of you … right in your presence.



The thing about embracing what sucks?  It takes the power out of it.  When I was knee-deep in self-pity just a few paragraphs above, I had NO IDEA what direction this post was going to take.  Then, it dawned on me as soon as I typed “What good are you?”  When things suck, you’ve got to acknowledge it.  You’ve got to face it.  And when you do … when you come head to head with the ugly sad grump inside of you that’s making things so miserable … it backs down.  Yeah, that’s right.  It backs down.

If you Google the term “When things suck” you’ll come across a million posts telling you how to stay positive when things suck, how to be optimistic in the face of suckiness, how to overcome the suck … but the thing is … NO ONE (not even me) can tell you what to do when you’ve fallen into the black abyss of suck.  Others can offer to lend a hand, they can shout words of encouragement, they can read you inspiring quotes … but until you’re ready for things NOT to suck, well, they’ll continue to suck.

“Well, then,” you’re saying again.  “That’s a shitty attitude.  I need help.  Scratch that.  You’re the one that needs help.”

And you’re right.  We all need help, but that help doesn’t come gallivanting in to save the day on the back of a unicorn sweating glitter and positivity.  Nope.  That help comes in the form of acknowledgement … of living the suck, in spite of it and because of it.  Without the suck, we wouldn’t appreciate the not-suck nearly as much.

Once you acknowledge it … and the power is gone … and you feel like a child for having moped and moaned for so long, then what?  Well, then it’s time to act.  For me, that action was sitting down and writing this post to share with the small section of my world that reads this blog.  Funny … now that I’m nearing the end of this post I’m feeling motivated.  Maybe I’ll take a shower.

That might seem insignificant to you, but baby steps are the kind I advocate when coming out of the rut of suck.  Something small.  Something seemingly-insignificant-that-is-actually-quite-significant to you.  That little action … that baby step … releases the suction of the black hole surrounding you and gets you moving in your right direction.  And that is good.

Most importantly, in all of this, remember that just because things suck for me (or anyone else around you) — they don’t have to suck for you.  When you are the light, the good, and the power of Grayskull — LIVE IT UP!!!  (Who doesn’t feel empowered by a He-Man reference?  No?  Well, he was one of the Masters of the Universe.  Even Byron Katie can’t claim that title and she’s damn near close.)

So, go one with your bad self, reader.  If things are glittery and awesome for you right now:  GREAT!!  Keep it up!!  But, if you’re like me and you’re near tears due to the pressure of it all, have faith.  Acknowledge it.  Then baby step your way out.  And when things don’t suck anymore?  Pat yourself on the back for all the loving kindness you’ve shown.


2 thoughts on “When Things Suck …

  1. Patti Ellett says:

    I can’t tell you what an amazing impact this has had on me and several near to me today. Thank you so much for sharing.

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