Wondertwin Powers …. ACTIVATE!

Ok.  Little known fact:  I have superpowers.

Shit.  I can’t believe I just typed that.

But it’s true.  I have only recently come to fully appreciate that I even HAVE these abilities.   So, let’s just say that controlling my powers has been EXTREMELY difficult as of late.  The abilities, while latent, just bubbled under the surface.  But now … now?  They are red-hot … active … barely containable.

Can you keep a secret? (We’ve already established that I can’t given that I’ve blabbed about my superpowers on my blog … so consider that before answering.)

Regardless,  I’m going to share the secret anyway:

******YOU have superpowers too.******

Yes.  Stop pointing at yourself that way.  You look silly.  YES — I most certainly am talking to you.

I know you may not feel like it, but they are there.  You might not acknowledge them, or they may activate only when you’re unawares … but they are there.  I can see them.  And other people can too.

See, our superpowers are the very essence our character.  Different situations may call for different skills, but superpowers won’t be quashed … even when the times are tough.  We weaken when we don’t use them.  We can forget them, but they never, EVER, forget us.  It’s really easy to forget just how gosh darn AMAZING we each are.  I want you to remember because the realization, at least for me, was like a nuclear explosion of unimaginable magnitude.

I know you’re wondering.  Go ahead.  ASK …….  You wanna know what my superpowers are, dontcha?  😉  Well, lucky for you … and for me for that matter … there is a really cool FREE test out that that can help you begin to explore the powers within you.  This is not a gimmick.  I am NOT paid by these people … although I may very well pay them at some point to train me to help others free their superpowers from the sludge of life.

The website:  http://www.viame.org.

Th theory:  in short (because I KNOW you can read what they have to say on their own site) is that we spend so much time focusing on negative stuff that we forget the good.  So, what if we were to spend more time focusing and developing  what’s GOOD in us — and in the others around us  — instead of recognizing and trying to get rid of the “bad?”  Well … it turns out that the “bad” or the negativity … it just becomes a lot less important.  Or all-consuming.  Or painful.  Or hurtful.

It felt SO GOOD for me to read this.  To read that I wasn’t crazy for wanting to see a silver lining on every cloud.  That I wasn’t crazy for wishing there was more good to talk about than bad.  So, I took the test, got ONLY the free report (seriously, I didn’t pay a dime), and the result.  My top 3 (out of 24!  GASP!  Say it isn’t so.  I have 24 superpowers?!)?




Woah.  Am I freakin’ awesome, or what?  (You won’t be surprised to find that HUMILITY is lowest on my list of superpowers).  At any rate, here’s what the VIA Institute on Character (the creators of this superpower test) folks say about my top 3:

HUMOR:  You like to laugh and tease.  Brining smiles to other people is important to you.  You try to see the light side of all situations.

LOVE:  You value close relationships with others, in particular those in which sharing and caring are reciprocated.  The people to whom you feel most close are the same people who feel most close to you.

FORGIVENESS:  You forgive those who have done you wrong.  You always give people a second chance.  Your guiding principle is mercy and not revenge.

I don’t know about you, but reading all of that (and so much more … I mentioned that they rank your top 24 right?) made me giddy.  Those traits?  They belong to ME.  They ARE me.  I’m a lot more complicated than just a ranking of 25 strengths, but acknowledging them and celebrating them?  Well … that’s just downright beautiful.  There’s beauty is learning how you cope with life, right?  There’s joy in that.  And NOW I know how to keep the joy flowing.  If I feed each of those strengths … well … I’ll be unstoppable.

So, who doesn’t need a little happy?  Take some time … the test is long (240 questions), but you can come and go from it (they track your place) if 30-40 minutes is too much time to dedicate.

Report back.  Let me know what your superpowers are.  Superpowers … they do the mind good.


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