On Feeling Like an Author

There’s this thing about writing a book: just because you write a book and publish it, that doesn’t automatically make you FEEL like an author.

You might be thinking, “What the heck is she talking about?”

To be honest – I have no idea. ūüėČ In all seriousness, people have been telling me “You’re an author now” and I’ve felt a little like a fraud. Yes, I wrote a book. Yes, it’s published. Yes, it’s doing great and making a difference. But there’s something about the title “author” that feels very venerable and almost mystical.

So, I’ve been setting out to own this whole “I’m an author” thing. And guess what? It’s working. This morning it’s really settling in…and it is SO MUCH FUN!!! (And on a Monday morning, that’s a big deal.

IMG_6229Check out this picturesque scene.

Coffee.  My laptop.  Fun pens!  Labels, envelopes, stationary, and copies of my book!  So much fun!!

What am I up to? ¬†Well, I conducted a giveaway for 10 of my books on Goodreads for the last month. The Giveaway ended yesterday, so today I’m sending the books out to the winners. ¬†What really floors me is that 700 people signed up for the Giveaway!! ¬†If even a small percentage of those folks REALLY want to read my book (and didn’t just enter because “HEY! ¬†FREE STUFF!”), well, that leaves me a little teary-eyed and grateful.

If you entered and didn’t win: ¬†Don’t worry. ¬†I’ll likely hold a giveaway again soon because there’s something about sitting here autographing my books, writing notes to readers and lovingly packaging them (some are going as far away as Great Britain, Australia and Canada) that really makes me feel “like an author.” ¬†So, thank you Goodreads and Goodreads Readers. ¬†You all have made my day. ¬†Seriously.

Of course, you always have the option of buying my book (I know, I know, free stuff is so much more fun).

I’ve been up to some other fun stuff too, so while I’m celebrating, here’s a list of places where you can read my writing or hear my voice. ¬†Stay tuned, though, because there’s a lot more in the works. ¬†I’m so excited!

(1) Catch Good Health Radio with Erica Haray-Butcher
Click the link to listen to us chat about breast cancer, friendships, what drives us crazy and more! (WordPress won’t let me embed the player because of “security reasons.” pppfffttt.)

(2)  Ulman Cancer Fund Blog for Adolescent Young Adult Cancer Awareness week.  (UCF interviewed several members of the Young Adult Cancer community including yours truly. The compilation of answers were split into 3 parts, which paint a broad picture of what young adults facing cancer experience.)
Part 1          Part 2          Part 3

(3) Guest Blog Post on Ruby Slippered Sisterhood

(4) Guest Blog Post on the Midlife Midwife Project

(5) Women of Uncertain Age Podcast with Karen and Phillipa, Episode #54

(6) Featured as a Rockstar Runner on Running with Curves.

(7) Women of Uncertain Age Podcast with Karen and Phillipa, Episode #53.


4/24/15: People & Time Cocktail Party for the White House Correspondents Weekend

4/26/15: Attending a local book club gathering

5/4/15: Appearing on the Stupid Cancer Show Podcast

5/16/15: 2 of my books will be auctioned off (along with loads of other items) for the National Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Association (NFMCPA) fundraiser.

6/6/15: Speaking at the Young Survival Coalition Regional Symposium in DC

9/11/15: Speaking to the NOVA Women’s Network Luncheon

9/??/15: 2 more of my books will be auctioned off (along with loads of other items) for another NFMCPA fundraiser.


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