Hope and Positivity

Do you think Hope and Positivity* are innate or can they be learned?

I suppose the argument that they are innate might go something like this: “We are programmed to seek Hope and Positivity. Otherwise, our species would have died out long ago from the crushing weight of sadness.”

Conversely, the argument that Hope and Positivity are learned may be: “Babies don’t feel hope or positivity, so it’s something that comes around out of experience.”

My initial reactions are these: I feel immense sadness at times – so Hope and Positivity haven’t saved me from that. And, how the heck do we know what babies think or feel?

(As a side note, if I had been privy to how babies think or feel, the first 3 years of each of my daughters’ lives would’ve been a lot easier on me and my husband!)

I’m not a philosopher. Or a scientist. So, I really have no idea about the mechanics. I can only speak from my personal research and experience. I believe that Hope and Positivity are innate traits — they’re part of our human programming. But, like any other emotion or feeling, we can choose whether we exhibit them or not.


So, I created the HOPE program** because I believe three things about Hope and Positivity:

  1. We can learn how to access our innate Hope and Positivity in moments of need or desire.
  2. We can increase the volume of Hope and Positivity in our lives through practice (like exercising our muscles, if we practice Hope and Positivity more often, they will become stronger and more prominent in our lives).
  3. More personal Hope and Positivity translates into more Hope and Positivity in the world; and our world needs more Hope and Positivity now, more than ever.


Help Yourself, Help The World.


So, what exactly ARE Hope and Positivity? According to the dictionary:

(noun) the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best
(verb) to look forward to with desire and reasonable confidence; to believe, desire, or trust.

(noun) the state or character of being positive

(adjective) confident in opinion or assertion; fully assured

My personal definition of Hope and Positivity is being fully assured that you can look to the future with desire and confidence. When you exhibit Hope and Positivity, you trust that things will turn out for the best.

Now, that doesn’t mean that Hope and Positivity make your life full of unicorns, glitter and rainbows. I’m not suggesting that by embodying Hope and Positivity you turn a blind eye to tragedy or sadness. Instead, I believe that Hope and Positivity can allow us to shed some of the fear that is associated with emotion pain, so that we may move through a crisis more quickly and more intact.

Yeah. I said “move through.” It’s not possible to avoid the crises that come up in our lives. Whether it’s sickness, job loss, divorce or the death of a loved one — whatever emotions you are trying to avoid usually rear their ugly heads bigger and badder than before. The only way is through.

I should note that I admitted, above, that Hope and Positivity haven’t saved me from the immense sadness that I’ve felt at times in my life. And that’s true … because nothing can “save” you from hurt. What I didn’t mention (although you might have guessed), is that my secret weapons to navigating sadness are Hope and Positivity. They are not perfect weapons, but they allow me to face fear with more grace and less upset.


I developed the 6 Keys to Hope and Positivity because I have discovered that they are essential to cultivating a high level of Hope and Positivity in your life. A high level of Hope and Positivity will allow you to face the good days with desire and confidence and the bad days with trust and assurance.

I’m going to be writing about each key in more detail over the next week or so, but here is your teaser introduction:


Each key, on it’s own, is something that we do easily … almost unconsciously… in our lives.  Sometimes we lag in creating connection in our lives …. or don’t seek to tap into our inner wisdom. Sometimes we over indulge in lamenting. But, no single dip throws the system awry because, well, you’ve got the other keys to keep you balanced and fulfilled.

It’s when we forget that the issues arise; forget about a whole key and we start to falter. (Here’s a tip: gratitude is the one that’s easiest to forget). We start to question our own existence. We start to wonder why and how we can continue. We lose hope. We stop being positive. Fear, sadness and overwhelm move in.

I designed the HOPE program** to step you through each of these essential keys so that you can REMEMBER that all you need is right inside of you.  Just the simple act of committing to working on yourself for 6 weeks … well … that alone will amp up your Hope and Positivity in untold ways. (Deciding to commit to this program is part of Key #5, by the way … seeking support from those willing and available to offer it to you.)

So, stay tuned over the next few days as I delve deeper into each of the keys to Hope and Positivity. In creating and working on this program, I’ve been writing more than I have since I wrote my book. I’ve learned to listen and follow through when the passion strikes me; when I’m called to help and motivate and encourage by whatever spiritual guidance system you believe in. I’m consumed with HOPE because I know, deep in my soul, that it is important. And I know that if you come on this journey with me, you will feel that too.

Live.  Love.  Be Free.

— Jenn

*P.S. Yes, I capitalize Hope and Positivity. Wondering why? I do it on purpose. I think Hope and Positivity deserve capitalization because the concepts they embody need to be set apart from the other words in the sentence. They are proper nouns to me. Sorry that that offends the grammarians among you.

** The HOPE program: 6 weeks. 6 keys to Hope and Positivity. Starting February 3.  Won’t you join me?! (Click the link above for more info … or the button below to join!)



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