Who’s Jenn?


Hi There!!!  I’m Jenn. I’m a life coach, speaker and writer. While those descriptive words may be important to who I’ve become as an individual, they don’t define me. That, my friend, is my insane ability to remember the lyrics of 80s songs, my capacity to see the positive in any situation and my complete dorky love of science fiction.

I want to help people see their value. How important they are—and how much they’re loved.  Click HERE to sign up for my newsletter that will cover a wide range of important life coaching topics, such as embracing your inner Village People while stifling your inner village idiot. I don’t know about you, but at times I feel there’s a fine line between the two! Fortunately, I can share some tips to make sure you’re on the right side of it.

In the meantime I’d like for you to think about the three core concepts at the heart of my coaching…


Living, to me, doesn’t mean waking up and doing the same damn thing you did yesterday. You know, that thing that does not work or bring you much joy. It means waking up and believing that you can do well today—that you will do well today.


Do you love your life? I do. Even so, I’m not always happy about what’s going on in my life. Love means having faith that things are going to work out. Love means believing that you can get through the hard stuff. We all need more love in our lives.


Being free doesn’t mean doing whatever you want, whenever you want. I have a lot of responsibilities, and I know you do too. Being free means acknowledging what isn’t serving you and the ones you love. It means being willing to change, even when you have no idea what that change will look like.


I’ve gotten and lost jobs.  I’ve made and lost friends.   I’m married.  I’ve got kids.  I had breast cancer.  I’ve lived all over the world.  I’m mixed race.  I’ve got a really varied work experience background – from busing tables at an Arby’s with I was 16 to doing medical malpractice litigations.  I majored in Communication (how to communicate, not the journalism type) at the University of Colorado at Boulder, I was in the United States Army (I was an NBC Officer), I was a lawyer (graduated from George Mason University School of Law), and I did life coach training with Martha Beck.

Enough about me.  Tell me about YOU and how you want to LIVE, LOVE and BE FREE.

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Curious about working with me?  Check out my website.


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